Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Fun, Easy, Classroom Halloween Treat Ideas

Here are a few more things I am making for classroom Halloween treats.  They are not really fancy, but my kids are excited (I don't want to spend too long creating them because I know that they will probably just get thrown away, but these are fun to give).

First is a matchbook eyeball treat.  I just created a simple matchbook shape and stapled in individually wrapped lifesaver candies then punched out black circles to make the eyeballs.  I decorated the front with the CTMH Hooligans (X7129B) paper and stamped it with the Merry Monsters (B1333) stamps.

The second treat idea is the door hanger pouches (CTMH discontinued them, but I think you can find them at craft stores).  I just stamped one stamp from Thriller stamps (September 2010 SOTM) for the middle and inked around the entire box with black and cranberry ink.  I put fun packs of M&M's and a Twix in this little box.

The third idea I found while searching for ideas for a fun craft for my activity days girls.  They are ping pong ball eyeballs.  You simple glue black felt circles on the ping pong ball and then use a furry material for the eyebrows.  I found a small hot pink boa for cheap at Michael's craft and I cut it for the eyebrows which worked well; you can also use craft fur to make the eyebrows (I figured the brighter the better).

These are not new ideas I have seen them before but they are easy and fast to make. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and I hope you have some "spooky fun"!

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