Thursday, October 28, 2010

Satin Flower Necklace and Bracelet set

I am so excited, I finished a little jewelry set that was inspired by Tresa Black blog.  I made a satin flower necklace and bracelet set with singed flowers and beads.  I like how they turned out.  I cannot wait to make more.  I am going to do some headbands with these cute flowers as well.  My pictures are not that great but here is a a peek at my project.  I will post more as I make them.  I think that they are so cute.

Tresa is very talented and I watched a tutorial that she had on Ustream and then added my own flair to the project.

I plan on making these for some of my friends and sister-in-laws and maybe my nieces as well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swap Spoiler--Fall Catalog Paper Packet 12x12 Layout Swap 2010

I have been hosting a swap on the CTMH Bulletin Boards quarterly for about 2 years now.  I swap 12x12 layouts with talented consultants.  We use the new paper packs so that we can showcase the new papers that are in the current catalog.  Here are the 12x12 pages that I received:
 Created by Milenna Russell using X7130B Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet
 Created by Holly Maatman using X7130B Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet
 Created by Angie Clemons using X7129B Hooligans Level 2 Paper Packet
 Created by Ilona Campinha using X7128B Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet
 Created by Christine Bivens using X7127B Magnifique Level 2 Paper Packet
 Created by Nadine Lefkof using X7127B Olivia

Created by Nadine Lefkof using X7127B Magnifique

These layouts are all so beautiful I cannot wait to put photos on them.  I will try to post the finished product later with my photos.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Fun, Easy, Classroom Halloween Treat Ideas

Here are a few more things I am making for classroom Halloween treats.  They are not really fancy, but my kids are excited (I don't want to spend too long creating them because I know that they will probably just get thrown away, but these are fun to give).

First is a matchbook eyeball treat.  I just created a simple matchbook shape and stapled in individually wrapped lifesaver candies then punched out black circles to make the eyeballs.  I decorated the front with the CTMH Hooligans (X7129B) paper and stamped it with the Merry Monsters (B1333) stamps.

The second treat idea is the door hanger pouches (CTMH discontinued them, but I think you can find them at craft stores).  I just stamped one stamp from Thriller stamps (September 2010 SOTM) for the middle and inked around the entire box with black and cranberry ink.  I put fun packs of M&M's and a Twix in this little box.

The third idea I found while searching for ideas for a fun craft for my activity days girls.  They are ping pong ball eyeballs.  You simple glue black felt circles on the ping pong ball and then use a furry material for the eyebrows.  I found a small hot pink boa for cheap at Michael's craft and I cut it for the eyebrows which worked well; you can also use craft fur to make the eyebrows (I figured the brighter the better).

These are not new ideas I have seen them before but they are easy and fast to make. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and I hope you have some "spooky fun"!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Fun Treat Ideas

I am making some cute "treats" for my kids school classes.  I am going to post the crayon box treats that I am making for my son's preschool class (if I can figure out how to post pictures).  I will be posting some other creations later too.  But for now this is what I have come up with (I actually used this idea a couple of years ago, but I like them so much I am doing them again.

 These are actually boxes of crayons.  I figured preschoolers would like to get crayons (moms might like it too since they will be getting so much candy).

The mysterious "Mummy"

"Franky" the friendly Frankenstein fellow

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am a mother of 4.  One girl and three boys.  I call this the "Mommy Misfit" blog because most of the time I feel like a "misfit" when it comes to this whole "mommy" thing.  You would think after 11 years I would be used to it, but I don't know if I ever will be completely comfortable in my "mommy skin".  Don't get me wrong I love being a mom and I would not trade it for the world, but dang it is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.  With a preteen girl and 3 active boys I never know what will happen next!

In addition to being a mom I am a freelance writer (right now I mostly just write for web content sites).  I do have some articles on

Some of my other articles can be found at, and
I wrote a tip book entitled "101 Scrapbook Tips" with Lifetips you can find it on their website or also on Amazon

I also scrapbook frequently and I am a consultant for Close to my Heart Scrapbooking   You can check out my site and for all of you who would like to try digital scrapbooking you can do it all with CTMH.  Go to my site and try out the Studio J digital scrapbooking with CTMH.  You can use the pictures already on your computer and create beautiful layouts with the click of a button.