Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Fuzzy Cupcake

I saw these little fuzzy sock cupcakes on a CTMH art board so I am sad to say that they are not my original idea, but I altered the project to fit my needs.  This is what my kids are going to give their teachers this year for Valentine's Day.  They are so easy to make and are a calorie-free option for a holiday that is usually full of so many sweets.

I found the fuzzy socks on Aeropostale's website they were on sale $4.49 for a three pack so I got an awesome deal. 

Here are instructions if you want to make these darling cupcake creations:

Cut a piece of B&T paper or stamped cardstock 3"x9" (this measurement may need to be adjusted depending on how thick your socks are).  Use a decorative punch to punch out a design on the top edge. Run your paper through a paper crimper to make it look more like a cupcake wrapper.

Roll the socks and push them up slightly to make the top layers tiered. Wrap your paper around the cupcake and secure the wrapper (I used double-sided tape).  Cut a 1x8 strip of paper to wrap around the middle (decorate the strip with stamps or other embellishments).  Tape the paper strip into place and package your cupcake as desired.  Here is the finished product:

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